San Diego Military Links
San Diego Military Links
San Diego Military Links
    Starting point for those new
    to 32nd Street.
    Starting point for those new
    to Coronado.
    Beautiful base and community
    in San Diego.
    Starting point for those new to
    Camp Pendleton.
    Marine station located closest to
    San Diego City.
    Starting point for those new
    to MCRDSD.
    Located at 32nd Street Naval
    Base. Check out the Navy links
    above for commuinty events.
    Website with guidance and
     usefull information.
    Another informative military
    web site with information.
    Located in San Diego and the
    airport. They have free activities
    for members and dependents
    Naval MWR with acess to free
    events, community, fitness
    schedules, Auto hobby and movie
    theater showtimes.
    A private source for military
    offering many free events and
    giveaways for families.
    Website for contact information.
    Need to know what you are
    making here? Dont pay that
    money to housing, instead
    invest in a home.
Contact Information
Contact Information
Contact Information

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Chula Vista, CA 91915

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You should qualify for VA loans (even as a veteran) which means no out of pocket money for you. Closing costs can either be paid by the seller or rolled into your loan. Military members can qualify for up to $546,250 VA backed loan for the San Diego area. Although VA is a good option it is not the only way to secure a home loan as there are many programs we can offer to meet your needs to know more you have to call.

As a military spouse, of a long time service member (I don't think that man will ever retire), I personally understand the unique challenges facing our military families. I can guide you through the VA loan process with personal experience. We have a VA lender on our team so you won't have to search around for internet companies, not knowing if they are legit. Even if you have already used your VA loan and are looking for a second home, did you know there are still ways to get another VA loan? You can contact me for more information on that as well. 

Many realtors find military clients challenging subsequently giving them less personalized attention. However, I personally understand and empathize with the timing inconsistencies you face as a service member. I know plans change overnight and buying/selling time frames have to be shortened or sped up to fit the military's schedule.

I will not hurry you into buying or selling, nor will I get discouraged or give you less priority when you have to push buying or selling back. Even if you change your mind and have to wait for years, know I will be there! I am glad to serve our service members and I thank you for the sacrifices you make, especially military spouses. If you ever need advice, even from a spouse point of view and it has nothing to do with real estate, that's OK! Call Me!